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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is provided with an Advertising Package?

    To best understand what can be provided for your business, contact us to discuss how Sail-World can help within your budget.

    In general the following can be provided with an Advertising Package.

    • Content is King - Publishing of Advertisers news/stories within hours (not days) to gain top online search positions within minutes plus seen by Sail-Worlds own readership. Stories are the powerhouse of an advertising package with their readership extending far outside Sail-Worlds readers. They also get published on our Twitter and Facebook pages plus Sail-Worlds news coverage also goes to hundreds of other national and international media groups.
      Advertisers’ stories can include their own website links, have their own linked banners surround their stories plus some past stories displayed under ‘Related Stories’. Take a look at our current advertisers Advertisers Stories page for examples of what can be done. See How to get your stories published? to learn how it's done.
    • Advertising Banners linked to your website, displayed on your selection of our websites and newsletters. See What Ad Banners are available? for more info.
    • Website Banners on the right side, top and bottom of websites, plus on the bottom of stories. See Where are your ads displayed? for more info.
    • Newsletter Banners on the right side plus Top and Bottom of Newsletters
    • Rotation of ad banners after each page refresh. Up to five banners can be displayed for each ad space/size (with unique banner URLs) See What Ad Banners are available? for more info.
    • Advertisers Directory listing with advertiser description, ad banners and past stories displayed
  • What websites and newsletters can we advertise on?

    The Sail-World network currently has a total of 14 websites that can be selected to display your ads however not all sites produce newsletters.

    These websites are:

    • Sail-World.com regional sites for NZ, AUS, Asia, USA, Canada, UK,  and Europe/Africa.
    • Sail-World.com Cruising sites for Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere.
    • Powerboat-World.com FishingBoating-World and MarineBusiness-World.com sites .

    Sites publishing newsletters are the Sail-World.com NZ, AUS, Asia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe/Africa, MarineBusiness-World.com and both the Cruising sites.

  • Do we have to advertise on more than one website and newsletter?

    You can specify to advertise on only one or any number of the sites and newsletters with the monthly rate affected by the site selection and other options.

  • How many visitors visit Sail-World.com each month?

    More than 300,000 Unique Visitors per month and 650,000 visits per month are recorded to the Sail-World sites. In Sept 2013, during the 34th Americas Cup, we recorded 580,000 Unique Visitors and 1,200,000 visits.
    To put this in perspective, the NZ Herald website, New Zealands largest national newspaper, records 1,200,000 Unique Visitors per month. However the NZ Herald covers general news rather than Sail-Worlds niche boating news.

  • What is the history behind Sail-World.com?

    See the About page.

  • Can we just advertise on the newsletters and not the websites or vice versa?

    The ad packages include the ads displaying on both the websites and newsletters to provide the maximum exposure for our advertisers.
    We are also aware that many visitors do not subscribe to newsletters, instead they visit the websites from their browser favourites/bookmarks, online searches, links on other sites and many more methods.
    Advertisers would miss out on exposure to these thousands of people by limiting their ads to only the newsletters.

  • Can we pay to have one or more stories published without running the banner advertising?

    As all stories on Sail-World feature high in searches as well as being read by our regular readership we seek to obtain the best results for our advertisers. Advertisers stories are surrounded by their own banner ads, when opened on the sites, which prevents  other advertisers banners being viewed while reading their story. If the advertiser does not provide any ad banners then their story would be surrounded by other advertisers ads.

    Then add the many other non-advertiser stories constantly drawing our readers to the sites to be exposed to the advertisers banners to realise the wasted opportunity from not displaying your ads.
    Lastly, the publishing of this type of 'one story wonder' is also unfair to the many other regular advertisers who display their banners and have an ongoing investment with Sail-World.

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page for some story ideas.

  • Can we send solas emails to your subscribers?

    We believe that a solas email will provide less exposure than putting the same information in a newsworthy promotional story. This is due to the high website readership from many non-newsletter subscribers who will see the story during their regular site visit as well as many more finding it in searches, due to Sail-Worlds high search rankings.
    The same story will also be in the newsletters anyway. We also don't want the added risk of unsubscribes from receivers of the solas emails as this is not healthy for Sail-World or its advertisers.

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page for some story ideas.

  • Can we advertise on some websites at different times of the year with one ad package?

    For example: You may choose to run ads on the northern hemisphere sites during their summer/spring time and the southern hemisphere during their summer/spring time. Or perhaps run ads in a region when a specific event you may be involved with is occuring e.g. boat show exhibitor, event/boat/sailor sponsorship.

    The ad package cost would be based on the requested timeframes of the region/site changes plus the sites involved. The site changes would need at least one months notice to change the ad display setup and be part of an ongoing ad package of at least 3 months duration.

    A downside to this on/off site type of advertising is that the site visitors will not see your ads in the winter/autumn when they may be planning their summer/spring boating activities, maintenance, purchases, etc. therefore you will miss out on those sales prospects. Visitors will also notice your ads disapear from view and can make the wrong assumptions as to why.
    The only plus side is that it can be more economical than advertising on several sites full time

  • What are the deadlines to provide the advertising banners?

    We have no real deadlines because the ads can usually be loaded on the sites within 24 hours, depending on how many ads to load and that there are no uploading issues or high interest news to be published.

    However if you want your ads to be included in the next scheduled newsletter then you should ask what is the next publication day for that newsletter. Delays in loading ads are usually due to incorrectly sized banners so please ensure your ad banners meet our strict graphics specifications which are listed on the Ad Banner Specs page.

  • Can you write a feature story on an advertisers product/service?

    The editor can and has written stories for advertisers from visits to premises, product reviews, event coverage, etc. This would need to be discussed as part of the ad package.

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page for some story ideas, with these having mainly been provided by the advertisers.

  • Do you have a rate card that you could send me?

    As ad package costs depend on the sites included and other variances, a rate card is unavailable to adequately cover the many available options. Instead ad packages are tailored to fit your budget and reach requirements with this website designed to provide most rate card information. Ad package costs start from a very basic package for $315.00 ex GST/month.
    Contact us to discuss your advertising requirements.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Advertising is invoiced at the agreed monthly rate each month for payment on the 20th of following month. Any part months are charged pro-rata for that month.

    Non-NZ based advertisers require one month in advance payments.

    All package cancellations require one month written notice.

  • What do we need to start advertising on Sail-World.com?
    • A signed advertising agreement. (Contact us to discuss the options)
    • Advertising banners made to suit our Ad Banner Specifications.
    • Two limited character paragraphs for your ad directory listing. (Character count limitation supplied upon sign-up)
    • Preferably a story, including suitable images, prepared and ready to publish upon starting your advertising however, if pressed for time, this could be provided after ads have commenced.

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page for some story ideas.

  • Where are you located?

    The New Zealand office is near Narrow Neck Beach on Auckland cities North Shore.

  • Who is behind the Sail-World.com websites?

    The Sail-World.com team includes many editors, journalists, photographers, videographers, graphics designers, IT technicians and sales people based all around the globe. We also have many more content contributors regularly providing stories of major and local events.

    There are too many to include here but some are listed on the Sail-World Team page.

  • Ad Banners
  • What Ad Banner size and file types can be used?

    Ad Banner sizes. (Sizes are in Pixels, width x height)
    728 x 90; 660 x 82; 300 x 250 and 300 x 100

    Ad Banner file type.
    Sail-Worlds ad banner system can ONLY upload JPG (jpeg) files.
    Please do not send gif, png, pdf etc. files as they cannot be used.

    File Weight.
    Keep files as light as possible with a maximum of 50kb.

    Visit the Ad Banner Specs page for more details and watch the video 'What Ad Banners are available?' to learn how this works and how you can make the best use of this Sail-World exclusive Ad Banner system.


  • Why can't the ad banners be gif, png, tiff, etc. files?

    Site visitors run many different devices and environments and we have to settle on common, simple formats so we don’t have issues with readability.
    The JPG or jpeg format is best for this task and Sail-Worlds banner loading system currently only allows this file type to be uploaded.

  • Can we use Animated gif, Richmedia Flash or HTML5 Banners?

    The system is only able to load JPG files and is unable to run other file types.

    We no longer run these type of banners for several reasons.

    • Due to the amount of banner changes that would take place and make the reading space to busy for our readers.
    • The Microsoft Outlook email program will not display all slides in Animated gif ads since the 2007 version.
    • Studies have also found that people will not always wait to view every slide in an animated gif or watch an entire flash banner.
    • Too many flashing ads can also set off epileptic fits in some people with the disorder.
  • How many ad banners can be run for each size?

    Each banner size can run up to five different ad banners. Each banner is automatically rotated with other advertisers ads after each page refresh, changing to the next banner for that size, and each banner can have its own unique URL (Website linked page).

    To clarify:
    728x90 X Five banners; 660x82 X Five banners; 300x250 X Five banners and 300x100 X Five banners = 20 potential banners.
    However you could just run one of each size or more of one size than others.

    Watch the video 'What Ad Banners are available?' to learn how this works and how you can make the best use of this Sail-World exclusive ad banner system.


  • Can each banner have its own unique URL link?

    Due to Sail-Worlds exclusive ad banner control system each and every banner could be linked to a different URL.

    At the extreme an advertiser could display five banners for each of the four banner sizes = 20 different banners. This enables several different products/services to be promoted on the ad banners with each one linked to a specific web page on your website.

    Or one product could have several different images to display its use in different situations as done for the T-Clewring ads seen below.

    Note that each banner is rotated with others in the same size set, after each page refresh. Watch the video 'What Ad Banners are available?' to understand this better.

    300-x-250-T-Clew-Ring T-Clewring-AC72-250

    T-Clewring-J-Class-250 T-Clewring-One-Design-250

  • Can you recommend a graphics designer to make our banners?

    Yes. Contact us and we can get your banners made for a nominal cost.

    You will need to supply any logos and suitable images for the banners plus come up with an idea of how you want the banners to look which can save some creative time and costs in producing them. We recommend displaying your websites URL on the banners and/or a call to action like 'Click for info' etc.
    Even if you send us a hand drawn idea or an amateur graphic of the desired outcome it will help to get started and could reduce the creative costs.

  • How do I send the ad banner files to Sail-World?

    Please send the actual JPG files as an attachment to your email if sending from a Windows computer.

    If sending from a Mactintosh computer then please email the JPG files in a zipped folder.

    DO NOT embed the files in a Word, PDF or other document and send that document. We really don't need the extra hassle of trying to extract files from these documents which is not always successful and usually ends in delays while we wait for the actual files to be sent correctly.

    Please also ensure that the file names relate directly to the banner to include it's size and description e.g. XYZ Company - Sextant 300x250.jpg
    This is preferred instead of un-targeted file names like e.g. 300x250.jpg or image002.jpg

  • Can your website visitors remove the ad banners from view by 'zooming in' to content on their mobile devices?

    Visitors on mobile devices are limited to one column layout which prevents the reader zooming in to remove ads from their view due to the ads placed horizontally across the page.

    (Note: 1st May 2016. The new Sail-World site does not currently have the horizontal ads across the page but this should be developed into the new site for release in 2017)

  • What are Geolocating Ad Banners?

    All the Sail-World websites and displaying advertising banners utilise similar geolocation technology as used on Google search.

    This means that whenever a person visits Sail-World the site recognises the location of the device being used from its IP address, ISP and other analytical tools. This can be a visit from a search link click or entering Sail-World.com in the address bar. The Sail-World site content for the visitors regional location is then displayed on the device including the ad banners for that region.  It is also possible for visitors to view the content and ad banners on overseas Sail-World sites from within their own region by selecting regions from the 'Edition' drop down menu on top of site.

    Here's how a geolocation provider, describes its product:
    IP Location is a non-intrusive geo IP solution to help you to identify [a] visitor's geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP, domain name, IDD country code, area code, weather station code and name, mobile carrier, elevation and usage type information using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology without invading the Internet user's privacy. The solution is available as [a] database, programming API and hosted solution.

  • Publishing Stories
  • How do I submit our stories to be published?

    The best method is to use the online submit system described in the video on this website titled "How to get Your stories Published?". To submit your stories click on 'Submit News' on the top right of all Sail-World websites.

    Advertisers should add the following words to the top of the 'Text of Story' area of the submit page:
    “This story is for the attention of Richard Gladwell”
    This will ensure that Richard can give it the advertisers’ story special treatment that is not provided to non-advertisers stories. A short email to Richard notifying him of the uploaded story is also recommended.

    Stuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

    Submit Stories thumb

  • Why use the online submit news system?

    A quicker publishing speed plus better communication and notification.

    • Stories provided to Sail-World via the submit system are able to be published much quicker than if the same text, photos plus video and even audio links were sent in an email.
    • The editor has the authors/submitters contact details alongside the submitted content and can quickly communicate with them if any changes, clarification, requests, extra images, error fixes, etc. are required before being published.
    • After the content has been submitted the author/submitter receives an automatic email to notify you that the content has been received.
    • Once the content has been published the author/submitter receives a second email notifying them of when it was sent live (published), on what sites it is now live and a direct link to the live story is provided. This is a good record for advertisers reporting on their marketing efforts.

    Alternatively stories sent to the editor via email:

    • Can get lost amongst many other emails to the editor delaying the editing process.
    • Requires the copy/pasting of text, the saving and loading of images and other content which also delays the process.
    • The edited story is disconnected from the contact details of author/submitter making any communication with you for changes, clarification, requests, extra images, error fixes, etc. a more cumbersome task.
    • The author/submitter receives no notification of the story being received or published.

    Stuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

    Watch the video on How to to get Your stories Published?

    Submit Stories thumb

  • Can the stories be translated into other languages on the website?

    All websites in the worldwide network utilize our translator tool enabling Sail-World content to be translated into 15 languages. Additionally, exclusive to the Sail-world network, 1,300 boating jargon words/phrases have been translated into 10 languages.

    This feature has significantly increased our readership since its launch, allowing many non-English visitors to read the news stories on our sites.

    See the translator tool on the top right of every web page. Translator ButtonStuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

  • What type of content can be published?

    Advertisers can virtually publish what they want so long as it is not obscene, vulgar or discriminatory in nature and passes the editors litmus test.

    Newsworthy Content.
    It works best if the article is 'Newsworthy' in its delivery rather than appearing to be outright advertorial for your product/service. Some credentials to meet the 'Newsworthy' label are:

    • Timing - The word 'News' means exactly that, is it 'New', current, the latest update, etc.
    • Significance - The number of people affected by the story.
    • Proximity - Is it close to home with its affect on our readers or geographically.
    • Prominence - Does it involve a famous boat, person, team, event, etc.
    • Human Interest - Does it invoke any emotion of amusement, sadness etc.

    The subject matter can be:

    • Purely product/service related about the latest thing, updated model, user testimonial, etc.
    • How to stories to educate readers on its uses. These could be done as a Part 1, Part 2 etc. sequence.
    • Pro-Team/Pro-Athlete type stories about sponsored users of the product/service.
    • Your upcoming attendance at an event e.g. boat show plus an end of event report
    • Coverage of an event/boat/competitor you sponsor or have been instrumental in its organisation
    • Sales, Discounts/Special offers
    • Competitions you may run
    • etc. etc.

    This article provides some ideas of how to write them: Sail-World.com - Contributors Guidelines

    Stuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

    Learn more by watching the 'How to get your stories Published? video.

    Submit Stories thumb

  • How should I provide online videos to use in stories?

    Simply copy and paste the videos URL into the content part of the online submit form and the editor will embed the video into the story. This can be done with YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and some others.

    This URL is provided in the story content.
    YouTube link: https://youtu.be/4L98pVoer1o

    Resulting with the video being embedded in the story:
    Safer Boating Week - Man Overboard video - A sailor’s worst nightmare

    Stuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

    Learn more by watching the 'How to get your stories Published? video.

    Submit Stories thumb

  • Do you have any guidelines for writing stories?

    This article provides all you need to know: Sail-World.com - Contributors Guidelines

    Stuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

  • What are the Publishing deadlines?

    Unlike a print publication we don't have deadlines to get a story uploaded and live on the websites.

    The only deadline you may want to be aware of is the delivery of the next newsletter that would include your story being sent to our subscribers. However if it misses the inclusion in one newsletter it will be included in the following edition in a few days time.

    If a story is submitted via the online system our editors can usually get it published within 24 hours however this will depend on the story details, including images and other multimedia components, being correct and ready for publishing. If corrections, clarifications, etc. are required the editor will contact the author which will delay the story's release.

    Current news events may also be the editors focus at the time, with other stories priorities put on hold until these stories are covered. Although this may delay your story being released, its later timed publication, close to the major news story release, could work in your favour in regards to its readership.

    Stuck for story ideas?

    Take a look at the Advertisers Stories page to see some examples of what is being done by other advertisers.

    Learn more by watching the 'How to get your stories Published? video.

    Submit Stories thumb