How to get your stories published?

In Two Minutes learn how you or anyone else can quickly submit their news story to Sail-World via our easy submit system.

This submit system has now been removed from the site since the recent upgrade as noted below.

SPECIAL NOTE: was upgraded to its current faster platform in December 2017. Some other changes include: The ‘refresh rotation’ of ads has been changed to rotate after every 1,000 views; Advertisers stories will now display their social media feeds; the ‘Partner’ listing description can be much larger and include extra hyperlinks. Many further updates/changes to the site are still happening in the background to make the sites perform better and provide a better user experience.

Sail-World Advertisers No.1 Promotional Advantage

Advertisers get their best results from taking full advantage of the ability to publish their stories at no extra cost to the monthly ad package with these stories also ranking high in searches. Advertiser’s stories can be about latest products/services, sponsored events/boats/sailors, “How to” articles, etc. and work best if they are as newsworthy as possible.
Stories should include at least one image with a minimum side of 1280 pixels (landscape images preferred). Multimedia can be embedded and published too including video links from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and some others, as well as links to online audio files.

This video demonstrates how easily and quickly your story can be submitted to Sail-World via our news submission system with a bit of copy and pasting plus the loading of images for the story. The story could also be typed directly into the submit form but most will keep a copy of their story on file that can be copy/pasted as in the video.

Many non-advertisers submit their news stories via this system, with the editors treating these stories with the general news treatment provided.
Advertisers should also use this system because:

  • It makes the editors publishing process much quicker and easier to get the story live (compared to the longer process of extracting text and images from emails and their attachments)
  • The submitter receives an automatic acknowledgement email of the story having been submitted
  • The submitter receives a second automatic email informing them when the story goes live and on what websites it is published

This second email is great for marketers to record when stories are submitted and/or sponsored clubs/sailors to show their sponsor what they are doing for them.

Two recommended actions for Advertisers Stories:

  • We also recommend our paying Sail-World/NZ advertisers to add the words “This story is for the attention of Richard Gladwell” to the top of the story content area and send a short email to Richard notifying him of the uploaded story to publish. This should ensure that Richard gives it the advertisers’ story special treatment rather than our sub-editors publishing it as a general news story.
  • Due to occasional faults with the submitting system it is also good to send the story directly to Richard via an email, including images to use. This will ensure the story is not lost in cyberspace if a fault occurs.

Take a look at the Submit story page on the website by clicking the large square blue banner on this website or click this Submit story link or visit and click the ‘Submit News’ tab on the top of the website.

Watch the Video.
Make sure you watch the video above of how this Man Overboard story was submitted within two minutes and then take a look at the actual story via this link.
Safer Boating Week : Man Overboard video – A sailor’s worst nightmare

Tack diving

Check out the FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have or contact us if the answer is not available.