Coastguard Boating Education

Dear Colin/Richard

Thank you both for helping us with our initial launch of our advertising campaign. Your continue support is much appreciated. Since we’ve advertised on Sail-World (June 2009), you have continuously been in our top 5 referral sites.

We wanted to access people who are new to boating as well as current boaties and this is being achieved via the Sail-World/Powerboat-World/World Cruising/Marine Business websites and newsletters.

The great benefit of being able to submit CBES news/stories/announcements etc. and it being published within hours is fantastic! Media releases for our marine publications, PWC & Kayaking e-learning courses and educational stories like how to cross a bar has generated many traffic to our website.

CBES banners get good exposure on the four Sail-World websites and in their separate tri-weekly and weekly e-newsletters, plus on our own stories and other non-advertisers stories (on a share basis with other advertisers).

Sail-World readers have downloaded the brochures via the site, which has provided an email address database of potential students, which CBES could choose to contact if we wish.

Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for us.

Kind Regards
Coastguard Boating Education.