Salthouse Boatbuilders

I just wanted to say again a big thank you for all your hard work in helping to get our Sail-World advertising campaign together.  Your help on the copy side of things made all the difference in setting the tone for our stories and the graphics are still apparently doing a great job according to our website statistics.
The whole process has been very easy and I thought you may like to know some of the stats we are getting from our website.

Although Salthouse Boatbuilders are not the type of business that will recognise immediate sales results from advertising, it’s the company profile and recognition that is important and the awareness of our progress or successes in the boating fraternity.
So our website is a good gauge for us of who is looking at our business, what aspect they are interested in and what part of the world they are from.

Immediately upon starting the Sail-World advertising campaign, we had an increase of 3 ½ times our usual unique hit rate on our website.
This increase in traffic was largest in New Zealand and Australia but also increased in many European countries, America, South America and Asia.
The new hit rate has dropped off a little as our feature story has been replaced with new articles but the general hit rate on our site still remains consistently up around 25% above average.  Half of all the new hits are coming as direct links from the Sail-World site (ie the banners) and the other half as independent hits. This shows us that the initial story was a huge success and the banners and advertising boxes that are still running on the Sail-World site are still being very effective.

We look forward seeing more impressive results to our next press release or event report and will keep you updated with the success of the Sail-World campaign while it runs over the next couple of months.

Thanks again

Delayne Salthouse
Salthouse Boatbuilders Ltd