Southern Spars

Southern Spars has successfully advertised in the websites and newsletters on a continuous basis for the past four years, since April 2008.

As well as our ads appearing in the NZ, AUS, USA, Canada, UK, EUR and Asia regional websites and newsletters during this time they have also appeared in the many high interest event newsletters covering the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race, Sydney to Hobart, Americas Cup and Olympic newsletters. Thousands of local and global news stories, including these event stories, also display our ad banners on the bottom of stories, being rotated with other advertiser banners.

The ability to have our promotional articles published on these sites within hours of submitting them, complete with links to our website, provides extended marketing of the results of our products and services direct to their expanding readership. With all these stories archived on the Sail-World system and linked to each other, it allows their site visitors to browse our past and present news whilst being exposed to our linked banners on the bottom of these stories.

Our websites analytics regularly record Sail-World as being in the top four of our website referrals with this only changing recently when the Volvo Ocean Race boats were in Auckland, having returned to its former higher rating following the VOR boats departure.

We are currently getting some new ad banners created to be used in Sail-Worlds latest unique ad banner system that can change our ads on a daily basis and we look forward to future developments of the SW websites.

Due to these many benefits and results Southern Spars are continuing our advertising/marketing efforts with