Testimonials from some past and current advertisers

Giacomo VO70 (formerly Groupama 4)

Thanks to Sail-World.com Giacomo VO70 (formerly Groupama 4) has been sold following three months of running banner advertising on their NZ, AUS, USA, Asia, UK, EUR and Canada websites and newsletters. This included Richard Gladwell writing a great promotional story about the boat which he reported as having had 7,100 reads on Sail-World and a further 4,370 reads on their Facebook page. Our France based broker Bernard Gallay also reported a lot of enquiries originating from the ads and the story. This all resulted in offers from two serious buyers in USA and EUR who are both wanting to race her in the Sydney Hobart race.
Both buyers were prompted by the advertising on Sail-World.com along with many other potential enquiries emanating from the promotion on Sail-World.com.
Jim Delegat

Note: Giacomo has been sold to David and Peter Askew and renamed Wizard.The American brothers broke the Key West Race monohull record with their Reichel/Pugh 74, Wizard, in January and have nominated Chris Larson as their skipper for the next Rolex Sydney Hobart on the VO70 Wizard.
See Richards promotional story:

Mondo Travel

Mondo Travel undertook an online banner campaign with Sail-World to promote Travel Packages to the recent Americas Cup in Bermuda. This included Editorial and Facebook which is included in the package.

The results were excellent with plenty of enquiry resulting in sales. The beauty of online advertising is that you can see the interest directly in the back of your website every day, so it is easy to test different options and monitor the results.

The editorial part was simply a matter of coming up with relevant stories associated with the campaign. Sail-World were happy to publish them.


“We have been advertising with Sail-World for the last 4 years and are very happy with the relationship. We started off advertising with Sailing Anarchy, Scuttlebutt USA, Scuttlebutt Europe & The Daily Sail but upon review have decided to continue with Sail-World exclusively. We like the ability to post your own stories, and very much the regular editorial comments from Richard Gladwell – we highly value his influence in the market. We attribute some of our SEO ranking to the numerous references and links to PredictWind in Sail-World postings. Furthermore on a personal level Richard & Colin take an active & keen interest in the PredictWind product with regular feedback. I would highly recommend a regular advertising position with Sail-World. Online publications are replacing print and are the growth path for the future.”

Jon Bilger

Southern Spars

Southern Spars has successfully advertised in the Sail-World.com websites and newsletters on a continuous basis for the past four years, since April 2008.

As well as our ads appearing in the NZ, AUS, USA, Canada, UK, EUR and Asia regional websites and newsletters during this time they have also appeared in the many high interest event newsletters covering the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race, Sydney to Hobart, Americas Cup and Olympic newsletters. Thousands of local and global news stories, including these event stories, also display our ad banners on the bottom of stories, being rotated with other advertiser banners.

The ability to have our promotional articles published on these sites within hours of submitting them, complete with links to our website, provides extended marketing of the results of our products and services direct to their expanding readership. With all these stories archived on the Sail-World system and linked to each other, it allows their site visitors to browse our past and present news whilst being exposed to our linked banners on the bottom of these stories.

Our websites analytics regularly record Sail-World as being in the top four of our website referrals with this only changing recently when the Volvo Ocean Race boats were in Auckland, having returned to its former higher rating following the VOR boats departure.

We are currently getting some new ad banners created to be used in Sail-Worlds latest unique ad banner system that can change our ads on a daily basis and we look forward to future developments of the SW websites.

Due to these many benefits and results Southern Spars are continuing our advertising/marketing efforts with Sail-World.com.

Josh Impey

Coastguard Boating Education

Dear Colin/Richard

Thank you both for helping us with our initial launch of our advertising campaign. Your continue support is much appreciated. Since we’ve advertised on Sail-World (June 2009), you have continuously been in our top 5 referral sites.

We wanted to access people who are new to boating as well as current boaties and this is being achieved via the Sail-World/Powerboat-World/World Cruising/Marine Business websites and newsletters.

The great benefit of being able to submit CBES news/stories/announcements etc. and it being published within hours is fantastic! Media releases for our marine publications, PWC & Kayaking e-learning courses and educational stories like how to cross a bar has generated many traffic to our website.

CBES banners get good exposure on the four Sail-World websites and in their separate tri-weekly and weekly e-newsletters, plus on our own stories and other non-advertisers stories (on a share basis with other advertisers).

Sail-World readers have downloaded the brochures via the site, which has provided an email address database of potential students, which CBES could choose to contact if we wish.

Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for us.

Kind Regards
Coastguard Boating Education.

Salthouse Boatbuilders

I just wanted to say again a big thank you for all your hard work in helping to get our Sail-World advertising campaign together.  Your help on the copy side of things made all the difference in setting the tone for our stories and the graphics are still apparently doing a great job according to our website statistics.
The whole process has been very easy and I thought you may like to know some of the stats we are getting from our website.

Although Salthouse Boatbuilders are not the type of business that will recognise immediate sales results from advertising, it’s the company profile and recognition that is important and the awareness of our progress or successes in the boating fraternity.
So our website is a good gauge for us of who is looking at our business, what aspect they are interested in and what part of the world they are from.

Immediately upon starting the Sail-World advertising campaign, we had an increase of 3 ½ times our usual unique hit rate on our website.
This increase in traffic was largest in New Zealand and Australia but also increased in many European countries, America, South America and Asia.
The new hit rate has dropped off a little as our feature story has been replaced with new articles but the general hit rate on our site still remains consistently up around 25% above average.  Half of all the new hits are coming as direct links from the Sail-World site (ie the banners) and the other half as independent hits. This shows us that the initial story was a huge success and the banners and advertising boxes that are still running on the Sail-World site are still being very effective.

We look forward seeing more impressive results to our next press release or event report and will keep you updated with the success of the Sail-World campaign while it runs over the next couple of months.

Thanks again

Delayne Salthouse
Salthouse Boatbuilders Ltd

Delayne Salthouse

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