What Ad Banners are available?

See what sized ad banners are available, how many you can display of each size and how to make best use of them.

Sail-World advertisers ad banner choices extend further than any other online options available adding exceptional value and scope to any advertising campaign and enable almost limitless possibilities.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sail-World.com was upgraded to its current faster platform in December 2017. Some other changes include: The ‘refresh rotation’ of ads has been changed to rotate after every 1,000 views; Advertisers stories will now display their social media feeds; the ‘Partner’ listing description can be much larger and include extra hyperlinks. Many further updates/changes to the site are still happening in the background to make the sites perform better and provide a better user experience.

To make the best use of Sail-World ad banners an advertiser could:

  1. Display up to five different products/brands/ services/events/messages etc. with each set of four banners displaying the same thing. Each page refresh** reveals one of the five promoted products/brands/ services/messages etc. (See note below)
  2. Display multiple images of the same product with each image on a different sized and shaped ad banner e.g. different uses, models, views, colours, etc. This provides ample chances to fully display capabilities, choices, etc. of your product/service.
  3. Promote up to 20 different products with one on each of the banners made available from the rotational groups, with each different banner linked to it’s own product page on your website. (See note below)
  4. Display different banners on each Sail-World site to promote different products/brands/ services/events/messages etc. to readers in different regions. For example: Sail-World/NZ readers see local NZ distributor banners and Sail-World/AUS based see AUS distributor banners, with each linked to their respective websites.
  5. A combination of these options which would need discussions on the technical ability to achieve it. (See note below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the 300×250 and 300×100 ad banners sharing the same side location on the websites the combined mix of these two banner sizes are rotated for each advertiser.  Therefore if five of each size are run then the total 10 banners share the rotation, further reducing their individual exposure. This should be considered for the 300×250 and 300×100 sizes but it does not occur with the 728×90 and 660×82 ad banners.

The following ad banner features make these various scenarios possible:

    • Display your brands, products, services, events/events and special deals on up to four different sized ad banners. (728×90, 660×82, 300×250 and 300×100 pixels)
    • On top of this each of the four banner sizes can display up to five different banners that are each automatically rotated after every page refresh**. (4 sizes X 5 images each = 20 potential banners)
    • Each banner can be linked to its own separate URL (website linked page)
    • Multi-Site advertisers are also able to display different ads on the various sites e.g. NZ site = NZ distributor and AUS site = AUS distributor of your product

(**A Page refresh occurs from opening a new story or clicking the ‘Refresh’ button on your device)

Watch the video above for a two minute intro on these unique ad banner possibilities. Any questions may be answered on the FAQ page or contact us with your inquiry.

Please note that we do not run Animated Gif, Richmedia Flash or HTML5 banners on the sites or newsletters. Only still JPG (jpeg) image banners can be loaded to run on the sites and newsletters. See the Ad Banner Specs page for the complete Ad Banner Graphics Specifications.

Check out the FAQ page for answers to any questions you may have or contact us if the answer is not available.