Your Ultimate Content/Ad Banner Promotion

Learn how a Sail-World Advertising Package combines Your Stories and Ad Banners for a regular monthly investment.

Your Ultimate Content Marketing + Display Advertising Combo

A Advertising Package is a combination of publishing your companies promotional stories as well as displaying your Ad Banners on the websites and newsletters, with no extra costs for running your stories. This two pronged ability ensures that Sail-Worlds readership get to read your announcements amongst the news stories and learn about your Products, Services, Events, Special Offers, Branding/Sponsor, Recruitment/New Staff, Achievements, Boat Show exhibits, and other news.

These content marketing stories can lead our readers towards making a purchase at your website, shop, office. marina, showroom, exhibitor stand or even over the phone. Your promo stories can be viewed on our websites and newsletters as well as via our Twitter and Facebook pages but the reach extends much further. All Sail-World stories rank well in Google searches and many global and local media receive instant alerts to the latest stories on Sail-World. The resulting extended worldwide reach created allows many non-regular Sail-World readers to see these stories.

Google searchers frequently find Sail-World stories in their organic search results to deliver them to Sail-World and expose them to the many other stories and Ad Banners on the Sail-World sites. Due to Sail-World being among a select group of “News” websites, that Googles content hungry machine checks every minute 24/7 for new content, the stories published on Sail-World rank on Google often within minutes of them being published. This type of immediacy is simply due to Sail-Worlds 17+ year old “News” status on the internet and requires no Adwords payments to be made by Sail-World or our advertisers.

Global media organisations, including Sail-World, subscribe to many different ‘News Alert’ systems to enable them to obtain and re-publish the ‘latest’ news, which is why ” News travels fast”. These news alert systems transmit all news from these news sites, including advertisers news, which other media outlets can republish on their own media be that news websites, TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, Facebook and Twitter feeds, blogs, podcasts,  etc. Your news item could be included if it is deemed to be ‘Newsworthy’ to publish.

High National and Global Exposure does however regularly happen when Sail-World news items get published with Sail-World/NZ’s Richard Gladwell often quoted as the ‘sailing expert’ especially in relation to the Americas Cup. These stories are shown to deliver many extra visitors to Sail-World to learn more, which is great for the exposure of our advertisers stories and ad banners. The following famous story example (one of many), about or NZ Editor discovering the ‘Cyclors’ on Emirates Team NZ Americas Cup catamaran, lead to several media interviews including this one on TVNZ 1 News.
See Richards original story with 61,000 reads in two days:—Emirates-Team-New-Zealand-reveal-big-AC50-breakthrough/151751

See the TV1 News video interview here:

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TVNZ 1 News – Cyclors discovered by’s Richard Gladwell